We are a movement.
It starts with you. Your movement in your day-to-day life.
Every body is beautiful. Every body wants and needs to be wrapped in fit and comfort. The kind that helps you move in a way that allows you to express your authentic, beautiful self. Our smart clothes and accessories are born from a universal design concept. Our design is not adaptive. It is more than that. It is bold, uplifting, and empowering – for you – everyone.
Vladimir Tilinin
“Our unique products became possible only thanks to our belief in ourselves and that the world can be changed for the better by helping people to be independent and free.”
Anna Chernykh 
“We are happy that the results of our work bring joy, and make people's lives better. THIS! is a guide to our thoughts about people and their opportunities.”

Our first capsule collection was created thanks to the professional and well-coordinated work of an international team, inspired by the idea that fashion can help people.

We are attentive to the idea of how unique and interesting each person is, how much they can give to people when they fully realize their potential. How much dignity there is in overcoming when it is the path to personal victory that inspires and inspires others!

Our work is the result of five years of reflection, experimentation and dialogue between designers and our experts - amazing people with disabilities.

When developing a new product, we think about how to bring the useful properties of objects, materials, and design solutions through design. How to give people the ability to do more independent actions in life, be free and realize their dreams.